Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hello Hello Hello :D

Hello peeps~! So first I want to apologize to you all because of my ultra long MIA -__-''. SO MANY things happened in my life (include my uni life) that make me hesitant to update this crappy blog *bows down*

To be honest, uni life is starting to get better when entering second semester :) I've got new friends (classmate actually but we've got closer these days *teehee~), there was almost no assignment to be done, I've got learned cooking (which was I really hated it back then), etc etc :D

Time flew so fast and here I'm alone in my room, preparing one makeup review for you ;) and this one from Laneige! Mom bought it for me (well I succeed in persuaving her to buy it for me) directly at the Laneige counter. I never never expected that Laneige doesn't over-price their product here at the counter (especially outside Korea). So I'm working on the photos for the time being and also browsing new templates for my blog (there are so many thing to be done).

Well, I think my writing skill is getting crappier *duh* And also my skin is getting crappier (redness, acne scars, zits, pimples) -___-. I'm planning to get facial next Saturday to get rid of these nasty oil clogs on my skin that form little annoying bumps on my face >:( My dark circle also getting worse cos I lack of sleep because of my new phone! LOL yeah finally I've got my new phone that is Oppo R1 :D :D Love the camera so much! Not to mention, its beautify effect that allows me to take picture in my dark room hehe >:) *will talk about my phone further later*

So yeah, I guess, I'll back working on the photos. So you guys on the next post and bye bye~! :D