Friday, June 28, 2013

Follow Me via Bloglovin :3

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Okay, this gonna be a very short post lol  (*≧▽≦). As Google Reader will be closed in July 1st, I've signed up to Bloglovin and if you interested in following my blog, you can follow me simply by clicking the Bloglovin icon on the right side of my blog :)

That's it  (^▽^). See you on the next post! Bye bye~!

Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm Back + New Short Hair :D

Holla everyone~ What's up? :D Finally I'm back and I have so many things that I want to share with you (*^▽^*)

First, what about my job? Well, I quit a few weeks ago cuz of many things. One thing I can tell you that I was break out horribly because of stress and lack of sleep ╥﹏╥

Mom was freak out seeing my face covered with nasty pimples and zits, then she asked me whether I want to back to my dermatologist to consult or not. At first I refused cuz I tried hard to not rely on doctor's skincare. I tried it back then about two weeks I didn't use any skincare from my doctor and using skincare line from Skinfood. It was good except some breakout during my pms and clogged pores but beside those everything was okay la (︶︹︺). Since I started working, my nightmare begun. Lots and lots of pimples along with BIG zits growing on my face focusing on my cheeks and foreheads. I was freak out (really, I'm not kidding) then I begged (lol) my mom to buy me Etude House AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot which I had tried the trial kit before and it worked well on my pimples. Along with the Pink Powder Spot, I also asked mom to buy me Etude House Moistful Collagen Cream which is one of best seller item from Etude. So yeah, mom agreed and bought me those two products  (*´・v・)