Friday, February 22, 2013

La Glace Collagen Sensitive Treatment

Hello Agnes here ~ヾ(^∇^). This is my second time writing on our blog and today I want to share with you my thoughts about La Glace Collagen Sensitive Treatment (⌒▽⌒). La Glace is a brand from France. For further information about this brand, you may check it below (*´・v・)

 taken from Sasa

la glace, French new Generation Skin Care Brand formulated exclusively for oriental skin.

Natural Ingredients, Artificial fragrance free, Alcohol Free are the keys behind why la glace has been gaining repetitive acceptance and love from so many Asian users with even the most delicate and sensitive skin. Our elite team of French cosmetics scientists also understands so well Asian women's desire for radiant charm and speedy effect that la glace products are all results of rich and generous blends of top quality active ingredients optimized for fast and marked effects.

Proven in Hong Kong, la glace is now opt for further answering more metropolitan Asian women's need for whitening, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, acne treatment, eye care, sensitive care, body slimming, firming and treatment, etc. We welcome partners from all over the world to join us in sharing la glace successful skin care experience in their respective cities. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Diet Talk + Some Diet Tips

What's up readers~ Phew it's been a while since I've neglected my blog (._.). Actually I have one review for you but I haven't take the photos or editing them yet :x

So to fill my blog while I'm working on the photos, I decided to write this post  (⌒▽⌒). I already wrote two post about this topic before, but still I wanna write more about it ( ̄ー ̄)

I tell you my diet plan is always changing depends on my mood but still I always count every calories that I eat. Two years ago I planned my diet plan without cutting any carbohydrate. I ate whole wheat bread, brown rice and homemade pasta. Because I was still in high school and my schedule was pretty hectic at that time, my body burned more calories than I ate so I lost weight pretty easily (although it's not fast) (^v^)

Now after graduated, I'm stuck at home every single day except on Sunday (・_・;). I rarely go out for many reasons. One of the main reason is I must put on makeup when go out and it's such a bad thing for my skin if I do it everyday. I don't know why but when I was in high school, I put BB cream everyday and my skin was fine except some breakouts during my period. But now even though I stay at home everyday, my skin isn't as nice as in the past (; ̄Д ̄). Another reasons I rarely go out: there's no one accompany me (all of my friends are busy with their works or colleges) and I don't have money lol

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Savex Cherry Lip Balm

Hi readers~ What's up? ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ How was your Chinese New Year? Got many angpao? lol

Me and my big fam had our CNY yesterday at a restaurant. Met my cousin, aunties, uncles and so on. And of course got my angpaos hahaha. OH YEAH I'M RICH NOW!!! Since I've got my money, it's time for shopping la hehehe. I've ordered my long wavy wig and I'll review it for you once I got my hands on it (^v^). Can't wait!! It's been four years I think since the last time I've seen myself with long hair (≧∇≦)

Okay today I have one review for you. This one from Savex, a brand from USA. My sis bought this when they had promotion at Sasa.  Let's see what I think about this product (*´・v・)

Savex Cherry Lip Balm brings moisture to lips and relieves the problem of chapped lips.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Tsubasa Masuwaka Picture Spam ♥

Ohayou~ Hello, minna ヾ(^∇^). Today I want to bombarding you with my number one favorite gyaru icon pictures: Tsubasa Masuwaka! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

 'kay let's get started!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Tony Moly Dr. Tony AC Control Emulsion

Annyeong~ Today I'm back with another Korean skincare review ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ). This is my first review from Tony Moly ( ⌒o⌒). Tony Moly is the third Korean brand that I knew back then. When my sis back from her trip to Singapore, she bought many products from Tony Moly such as toner, emulsion, BB cream, etc. I've used the emulsion from Dr. Tony AC Control series for several months and here what I think about this product (。・`ω´・。)


Nutritious milky lotion specialized for users with trouble-skin and acne-prone skin. It gets absorbed quickly while providing full hydration and replenishment for the skin without drying or irritations. Containing Sciadopitys Verticillata Root extract which soothe skin troubles and tighten pores for a firmer and healthier skin. 

After essence/serum, apply an appropriate amount onto the skin. As you apply the lotion, massage in a circular motion for better absorption.

For external use only. Do not apply to areas of the skin where sores, Eczema or dermatitis occur. Do not swallow and avoid contact with eyes or on skin which is sensitive to bandages or pad cloth. Discontinue usage and consult a dermatologist if signs of skin irritation and/or rash appear. Keep out of reach to children and store product away from direct sun exposure.