Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Diet Talk + Some Diet Tips

What's up readers~ Phew it's been a while since I've neglected my blog (._.). Actually I have one review for you but I haven't take the photos or editing them yet :x

So to fill my blog while I'm working on the photos, I decided to write this post  (⌒▽⌒). I already wrote two post about this topic before, but still I wanna write more about it ( ̄ー ̄)

I tell you my diet plan is always changing depends on my mood but still I always count every calories that I eat. Two years ago I planned my diet plan without cutting any carbohydrate. I ate whole wheat bread, brown rice and homemade pasta. Because I was still in high school and my schedule was pretty hectic at that time, my body burned more calories than I ate so I lost weight pretty easily (although it's not fast) (^v^)

Now after graduated, I'm stuck at home every single day except on Sunday (・_・;). I rarely go out for many reasons. One of the main reason is I must put on makeup when go out and it's such a bad thing for my skin if I do it everyday. I don't know why but when I was in high school, I put BB cream everyday and my skin was fine except some breakouts during my period. But now even though I stay at home everyday, my skin isn't as nice as in the past (; ̄Д ̄). Another reasons I rarely go out: there's no one accompany me (all of my friends are busy with their works or colleges) and I don't have money lol

Since I just sit in front of computer everytime, I realize that it's difficult to lose weight. And of course my sweet tooth always bothers me. It feels like my craving needs is doubled up (;¬_¬). Everytime I watch my favorite Korean dramas on laptop, I always open the fridge to find some biscuits or anything that sweet (T_T). I watched one video on youtube from this female beauty guru and she said that your body is always plays tricks on you. ''Oh you're so hungry~ You need that cupcake~''. No! We don't need that cupcake! We're often snacking not because we're hungry but because we're bored or thirsty. Yes. Thirsty. When thirsty our body sends the signal to our brain and often we mistake it as the alarm for our hunger :x

I chunk my water a lot everytime this craving need comes up. I keep my stomach feeling full by drinking water and slowly I lose my appetite to have any meal because I already feel full 。◕‿◕。. And also water is our best friend. By drinking enough water everyday, it helps our body to flush toxin out of our body. Water is good for my diet and also for my skin. It has many benefits and of course it's cheap! (-^〇^-)

One thing I decided to change from my diet plan is cutting any carbohydrate. Until last week I still ate my white bread and my brown rice (・_・;). Although I enjoy breads very very much but in inside I feel guilty everytime I finish those nyummy breads. I tends to say this to myself. ''You pig! Why can't you control your mouth a bit? Why you finish off all of those breads? It ruins your diet you know!'' (#`Д´) And now starting this week, I cut off any carbo from my meal including brown rice. Actually I love rice very much but sadly it's bad for my diet so I'll gonna miss it for sure lol

If you ask me whether I'm exercise or not and then my answer is I don't exercise at all. I know it's not healthy but if I still can lose weight without doing any exercise, why not?  I plan to do body shaping exercise after I reach my ideal weight: 45 kg (or maybe 42 kg? considering I'm such a shortie). I hate seeing my fatty arms, thighs, butt and FML my tummy is horrible (T_T). Even my dad who always saying I'm thin enough, when he saw my belly he said ''Woah your belly is as big as mine!''


Thanks dad. I'll keep your words for my motivation to have flat tummy. I envy those who naturally skinny, who can eat like a hulk without gain any single weight. When I was in sixth grade I remember I weight around 60 kg and when I was in high school I weight 61 kg. And then on last grade in high school, I went down from 61 kg to 49 kg until now. It took me over a year. I didn't took any diet pill or supplement. My mom will kill me if I do lol. So yeah if you want to lose weight without exercise like me maybe these following tips probably gonna helpful for you (⌒▽⌒)

  • Drink enough or more water everyday
  • Avoid any junk food, deep fried food and dairy products
  • Toss off those disgusting soda
  • Cut off carbo from your meal if you want (rice, bread, pasta, cereal, etc)
  • Try to make yourself busy so you'll forget about snacking
  • Eat more fruits and veggies
  • I reward myself on weekend so I can eat whatever I want on that day but still I control the portion
  • Don't feel guilty (like I do) when once you ruin your diet, just remember not to ruin it on your next meal (every meal is opportunity for you)
  • Restrain yourself from picking any unhealthy food or snacks when you do grocery shopping (it also saves your wallet lol)
  • Don't eat after 7 pm because your body doesn't burn much calory at evening (for me I don't eat anything after 5 pm only drinking my water)
  • Don't give up if you don't lose any weight in a week because usually it takes me a month to lose 1-2 kgs
  • Have enough sleep (I read many articles that said you tend to feel hungry if you don't have enough sleep)

For closing here I give you my photo when I was still very very fat

 at Singapore USS in second grade high school
look at those chubby cheeks (>y<)

and this is me now

with a ton of makeup
tried to attempt gyaru style that night (*≧▽≦)

Okay that's it for today. Gonna working on my photos now. Bye bye and I'll be right back with another review ヾ(^∇^)


  1. I have tried this once for a week and I lost about 5kg under a week... but everytime when I drank some water or even ate an apple my weight started to change all the time. And after this kind of diet... everything will come back :(

    1. I also tend to gain my weight back if I try to lose it in such a short amount of time :( but if I do it slowly, I never gain my weight back even if I ruin my diet a few times :)

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