Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Skin Peptoxyl Intelligent Dark Circle Eraser Serum

Hi everyone~ Agnes here \(・∀・*). Today I'm going to share with you my current favorite eye product (^∀^). Before that, here I'll give you a little briefing about my eyes problem ^^

In my journey to find GOOD eye products (cream/gel/serum), I admit that I'm sucks for the advertisements (;¬_¬). I mean I know that what's written on the label products or packaging not 100% true or at least give visible result. Some of them even doesn't give any result at all T_T

Basically, my eyes always have troubles ever since hmmm....puberty I think. Just name it, dark circles yes, milia yes, and since my earlier twenties I've noticed new troubles on my eyes that are fine lines (;-_-)

Since then, I become really obsessed to find the best eye cream ( ̄へ ̄). I've read many reviews about eye cream and many of them said that it is almost impossible to eliminate dark circles. All you can do are just reduce it or use concealer to hide it (T_T). Well, of course healthy lifestyle is the most important. I'm getting used to sleep 7-8 hours a day and drink a lot of water and gues what? My dark circles getting brighter from before *yeay* \(*T▽T*)/

How about fine lines? Well, good eye creams especially for this problem will help reducing your fine lines. So, for now I'm focusing to find the right product to reduce my fine lines. Find the suitable eye cream for my eyes is not easy (  ̄д ̄;) because I have milia problem under my eyes. These milia seeds only can be removed by laser treatment by your beautician  and this procedure should be repeated at least once a year cuz those milia seeds form due to the amount of richness of any eye products you put under your eyes. If the eye cream or serum too rich, it would trigger the milia seeds to be formed even more (>д<)

For now I have already tried several eye cream/gel/serum from many different brands (*ノ・ω・)

And this is one of my favorite items:

Skin Peptoxyl Intelligent Dark Circle Eraser Serum

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fashion Identity Crisis Solved!

Hello everyone! ヾ(^∇^) Long time no see, eh? Sorry for my absent in blogging. Since last month, my older brother has taken away the only laptop at our home to his campus T_T. I could just blogging with my old computer but I've never been friendly with its keyboard (so much typo and I type much faster with my laptop keyboard *tehee~) So BLAME HIM leh for my absent in blogging muwahaaaa. No la I'm just kidding. But really in fact I saved all of my data and pictures for blogging thingy in the laptop so I couldn't do anything about it *sigh* silly me T∇T

Anyway, today I want to talk about something related to fashion (you could tell just by looking at the title lol). To be honest, I'm that type of person that easily addicted with something that I like or something that I find cool (*^▽^*). For example, lately I'm addicted to a Korean indie band named Toxic. Seriously you must check them out! Their music genre is K-rock. In my opinion, I think K-rock is totally different J-rock ⊙ω⊙. I've tried to listen to J-rock and I found the music doesn't suit my taste at all. It's just too extreme with all the screaming AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH (big apologize to you J-rock fans _ _;;)

But when I discovered Toxic, I immediately fall in love with them lol. Their music style match perfectly with my taste and I couldn't stop playing them in my phone. For some samples, here take a look below at their music videos (*´・v・)

TOXIC (톡식) - 외로워(Lonely) MV

 TOXIC (톡식) - 페로몬 (Pheromone) live

oh btw I fall in love with the guitarist, Kim Jung Woo oppa hahaha ♡^▽^♡ 

From them, I learned about K-rock fashion style. Their style is cool, not too dark, chic and edgy which I just love it! After reading this post (please click it!) from this cute blogger, I found myself fall in love even more with K-rock style (‘∀’●)♥