Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fashion Identity Crisis Solved!

Hello everyone! ヾ(^∇^) Long time no see, eh? Sorry for my absent in blogging. Since last month, my older brother has taken away the only laptop at our home to his campus T_T. I could just blogging with my old computer but I've never been friendly with its keyboard (so much typo and I type much faster with my laptop keyboard *tehee~) So BLAME HIM leh for my absent in blogging muwahaaaa. No la I'm just kidding. But really in fact I saved all of my data and pictures for blogging thingy in the laptop so I couldn't do anything about it *sigh* silly me T∇T

Anyway, today I want to talk about something related to fashion (you could tell just by looking at the title lol). To be honest, I'm that type of person that easily addicted with something that I like or something that I find cool (*^▽^*). For example, lately I'm addicted to a Korean indie band named Toxic. Seriously you must check them out! Their music genre is K-rock. In my opinion, I think K-rock is totally different J-rock ⊙ω⊙. I've tried to listen to J-rock and I found the music doesn't suit my taste at all. It's just too extreme with all the screaming AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH (big apologize to you J-rock fans _ _;;)

But when I discovered Toxic, I immediately fall in love with them lol. Their music style match perfectly with my taste and I couldn't stop playing them in my phone. For some samples, here take a look below at their music videos (*´・v・)

TOXIC (톡식) - 외로워(Lonely) MV

 TOXIC (톡식) - 페로몬 (Pheromone) live

oh btw I fall in love with the guitarist, Kim Jung Woo oppa hahaha ♡^▽^♡ 

From them, I learned about K-rock fashion style. Their style is cool, not too dark, chic and edgy which I just love it! After reading this post (please click it!) from this cute blogger, I found myself fall in love even more with K-rock style (‘∀’●)♥ 

If you have read my old posts, you must be know that I adapted tomboy style when I was in high school. After graduated, I learned to wear makeup but I still confused with my fashion style. I didn't really know which style I like the most. And when I stumbled upon Xiaxue's blog, I became a fan of pastel color! After reading further her blog, I found that Xiaxue is a fan of Tsubasa Masuwaka like me. From then, I dedicated myself to adapt gyaru style like Tsu-chan (*^3^)

But inside me, there's still a boyish part that I know I would never could get rid of it (I don't really mind though). I still love to wear jeans instead of dress. I dress really feminine like otona gyaru only for some special occasions like when I attend a wedding party and such (ー_ー ). I do love lovely dresses but I still can't deny boyish clothes *facepalm*

So now I'm really happy to find the style that I truly like without any doubt (^▽^). Oh well, I'll just give you the pictures coz a picture speaks thousand words, right? Keke (v^_^)v  

All credit goes to 

love this one!

 and this one!

OMG love love love!

 omo! so cool~

love the mix match! 

I would die to get this shirt ಠ_ಠ

studded converse! moreover it's red! *my fav color*

eyeing that bag (◎_◎)


this is my favorite among all  。◕‿◕。

oh btw this is belt

cute yet still rock-ish

 super duper love this choker
also this hat (I told you I love red lol)

colorful piece (⌒▽⌒)

ain't this one cute?

OMG OMG give me that shirt!

So what do you think? Do you have any specific style that your adore like me? Hehehe (。・ω・。)

Ugh my back hurts....I'm still working on another review from Etude. Gonna finish it and publish it soon~

Bye bye~ ( ゚▽゚)/



  1. Wooh, I would die for that VAMPS t-shirt *drools* *fangirls* *_____*
    I think it's pretty similar to Japanese Visual Kei style, like LMC for example. I like guys wearing this kind of style >__<

    1. I also super duper love that VAMPS shirt >.<
      I like to see both guys or girls wearing this style :D :D

  2. I love the red&black studded belt! You love red, while I love everything that has studs (as long as it's not too much)
    talking about Korean band, I only know 1 band, LEDApple XD I think their genre is more to pop-rock though, softer than Toxic's ^^ I always love bands because I have something about guys with musical instruments (///.///) Toxic is great! Sad songs (Lonely) but they make it as an upbeat song <3

    1. guess what? today I just bought a pair of studded flat lol and it's the first flat that perfectly suits me moreover it's red! *die in happiness*
      I've tried to listen to some LEDApple's songs before, quite like it but it's more pop-rock like CN Blue hihihi too soft for my likey :)
      Yup yup yup! Sad song become badass song with those upbeats instruments <3 love it!
      Anyhoo I think I would like to marry a rock musician later in the future LOL

  3. wow very fun blog ;D
    Meybe follow me and I you?