Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PinkCoco Wig Review

Hello minna~ Konbanwa (*^▽^)/ As I promised before, here's my review of PinkCoco wig ^∇^

I cut my hair short since I entered high school because of the lame rule that insists you to tie your hair up if you have long hair *boooo lame~

As I didn't really like to tie my hair up and I was much influenced with male K-pop star hairstyles. I decided to cut my hair short °◇°. I think it has been three and a half years since I kept my hair short. Until last year I determined myself to grow out my hair coz I want to have Tsubasa Masuwaka's hairstyle (^0^)

And you know how you can't stand your hair looking ugly and messy when you growing it out (  ̄д ̄;). Even until now I'm too lazy to cut my bangs and just use hairband whenever I go out (to keep my bangs out from my forehead and to give a little touch to my ugly hair lol *being smart*)

Until two or three weeks ago finally I've got my CNY money and decided to buy a wig. It's my second time purchasing a wig coz before I already had my Taobao wig which you can see here. As you know lately everyone is raving about PinkCoco wig and being a good beauty blogger *slapped* I challenged myself to try this wig (*´・v・)

I got my eyes on this one

super pretty Tsu-chan's hairstyle that I really adore (‘∀’●)♥

Isn't it a great dupe for Tsu-chan hairstyle? (“⌒∇⌒”)

But I'm really surprised coz the one I got is completely different from the picture T_T 

you judge it yourself whether it's same or different from the picture

found a good spot in my home for photoshoot
where sunlight sneaks into the room through the windows ◕‿◕

take a look at the fake scalp

from behind
the fiber looks so smooth (*^^*)

taken in different room under different lightning
looks like a real head! lol

 the fringe

Oh one thing that made me really confused: the fringe. I noticed there's a separate fringe on the left side of the wig but on the other side there's none (°◇°;). Fortunately people won't notice it if you never tell them *teehee~

talking about weird
this weird single fringe is lonely without its partner on the other side

Looking from the picture, my friends said it looks nice and many of them asked whether it's my real hair or not. Well I also admit it that this wig is really looks good on photos. Maybe I can use it when I have photoshoot ( ̄ー ̄). It's made from synthetic fiber so you must be careful when taking photos coz it would shine a bit in flash photograph (^~^)

But in real life, it doesn't look that nice. Maybe I'm being a biased towards wavy long hair and not curly one but I don't really like the curl that this wig has ・_・. I can't say it's my fault for ordering this wig as you can see judging from the model picture, she obviously wearing long wavy wig not curly (; ̄Д ̄). That's why I'm really surprised when first trying this wig. Y IT'S CURLY???!!!! *sob*

 the curl from the side

 from the front

from the back
taken under different lightning

Okay, I exaggerate a bit. It's not like I really hate the curly. Actually I'm pretty fine with it (think I already bought this wig lol). And I found many good qualities from this wig. The fiber is pretty smooth and it doesn't fall out as much as my Taobao wig (⌒▽⌒). I also like the color. FYI there are 8 different color option to choose from and I chose the chestnut color (^v^)

 here's the color option
btw I think the blonde color really looks fake *just my opinion*

 here the close-up of the wig's color
not bad, right? 。◕‿◕。

Another good point is my head doesn't feel too hot (only slightly) when wearing this wig (*^ワ^*). Compared with Taobao wig, my head felt like burn in hell lol even I just put on it for 20 minutes (now I'm wondering how can those cosplayers attend event all day long wearing those hot and cheapo Taobao wig?)

The seller said this wig can be washed and restyled but I never tried it so yeah I don't know. She also said this PinkCoco wig is 100% imported not local made. For this matter I'm not really sure coz I know she got her stock from local supplier. That's why she has ready stock and doesn't need to carry on pre-order system. But like I said I can't 100% sure about this and to think I got a completely different wig from what I ordered makes me doubt more ・ヘ・?

I told this issue (about how can I get a totally different model from what I ordered) to the seller. She said I must style my wig to look same with the picture. Well, I'm really sucks at hairdo that's another reason why I decided to buy a wig coz I think I don't need to style it again :/

I contacted another blogger through email who has ordered this wig from this seller. And what a coincidence that she also chose the same model with me lol. Only different in color. Her is black and mine is chesnut. She also said that the wig that she received not completely same with the picture only 85% same la. But looking from the picture of her wig, I think the model also completely different from the picture and what make me even more surprised was her wig's model is also completely DIFFERENT with mine although we ordered same model (;-_-)

But because I'm such a good-hearted person, I tried to understand that this isn't the seller's fault but this is the supplier's fault. I told her okay, I understand that my wig isn't completely same with the picture and I also find many good points (at least the color and the quality is quite good lol) beside the model ( ̄ー ̄). She thanked me for my understanding and she even promised to give me a discount for my next order! Such a good person la *feels guilty* (._.). To think I got my wig for cheap price (it's just slightly 20k more expensive than Taobao wig I tell you) and the seller is such a good person (I'm weak with these types lol) I think I'll order another wig from her but this time I want a short style hehehe (*´・v・) 

Okay for closing here my selca using my PinkCoco wig (´∇ノ`*)ノ *clap for myself*

Okay, that's it for today~ See you on my next post \(^▽^*) Thanks for reading and bye bye~


  1. wow I have the same wig, and mine is pretty much the same like in the picture. it's wavy (not a loose curl) where did you bought it? yours is Obviously different though, the one on adv pic is a water wave, yet the actual wig you got has a loose curl. anyhoo. I've had the same problem before (with different seller ofc)

    1. i bought it at the same olshop where you get your pinkcoco wig :x
      yup i do hate the curl, it also looks quite fake in real life :/
      i feel like i wasted my money :(

  2. too bad that it looks so different >Q<

    1. it's really bad >.< i wasted my precious cny money just to get this wig :(

  3. aww the one on the model looks so nice and fluffy. so different with what you get. when i want to buy a wig, the seller also told me i have to style it to make it looks like the one that the model wears. but since i sucks at styling, i cancelled purchasing the wig .___. the colour looks so pretty, though ^^

    1. yup I bet what I got is the KW one not the original one :x
      but the original one is 100k more expensive :(

  4. Too bad for ya dear.. But actually, you looks so lovely with those wig :]


    1. awww thank you <3
      personally I look a lot better with my short hair ^.^

  5. You really looks cute, but to be honest, sad to know that you've been deceived and bought a fake pinkcoco one ^^;
    Anyway what kind of Taobao wig you usually use? I always use Ghostcos and Gkyouko and everything is fine :))


  6. aww thank you <3
    yeah, sadly I wasted my money to buy this fake wig >:(
    I usually go for Ghostcos cuz it's really cheap and the quality is also quite good :D
    I'm gonna try the other brands in the future :)

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