Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Savex Cherry Lip Balm

Hi readers~ What's up? ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ How was your Chinese New Year? Got many angpao? lol

Me and my big fam had our CNY yesterday at a restaurant. Met my cousin, aunties, uncles and so on. And of course got my angpaos hahaha. OH YEAH I'M RICH NOW!!! Since I've got my money, it's time for shopping la hehehe. I've ordered my long wavy wig and I'll review it for you once I got my hands on it (^v^). Can't wait!! It's been four years I think since the last time I've seen myself with long hair (≧∇≦)

Okay today I have one review for you. This one from Savex, a brand from USA. My sis bought this when they had promotion at Sasa.  Let's see what I think about this product (*´・v・)

Savex Cherry Lip Balm brings moisture to lips and relieves the problem of chapped lips.

back cover

Can't say much about the packaging since it's just a lip balm ( ・_・). Packaging is same with any drug store lip balm I've ever seen lol (*≧ω≦)



It contains 10g so its not too small or too big for a lip balm size. The tube allows me to squeeze it easily to get any amount that I want for my lips (^_^). Sometimes I only need a little but sometimes I need extra amount when my lips is chapped and dry. Hate dry lips lah (≧σ≦) 

One thing I found unique from this lip balm is the applicator shape. Usually lip balm has lipstick-like applicator, right? But this one isn't. As you can see in the picture above, the applicator is round shape. Doesn't make much different leh when I apply it on my lips. But on one area, there something sharp on the applicator that sometimes hurt my lips (* ̄m ̄). Cheapo plastic!!! Y U HURT MY LIPS?! *cry*

The texture of this lip balm is less thicker than my Faceshop lip balm. The color is pinky-ish but it becomes clear once applied on the lips. I can feel it moisturize my lips properly. I mean the formula is absorbed well into my lips unlike some lip balm that just sit there on your lips without doing anything ಠ_ಠ. This one isn't. But......once it dries, my lips back to its condition. Not chapped but still slightly dry. Need to apply the lip balm more (¬_¬). Like its name, this lip balm has cherry scent that I think a bit strong for my preference. At first the scent quite bothered me but now it's not a problem anymore :x

I don't find anything special about this lip balm. For lip balm I don't mind about its packaging as long as it moisturize and heal my ugly dry lips (T_T). My sis bought this at Sasa for US$ 1 (when there was promotion). Today I checked it again, the price is about US$ 4.5

Repurchase? Me. A BIG NO. But don't know with my sis. She said she quite like this lip balm hehehe

So yeah I haven't found my holy grail lip balm. If you have any lip balm that you find is holy moly for your lips, let me know ( ̄ー ̄). I would love to try it (v^_^)v

Okay that's it for today. Thanks for reading and bye~ ( ゚▽゚)/


  1. Oh really interesting lipbalm thanks for this review. Now I´m following you I hope your follow me back.


    1. thanks for stopping by :) thanks for following and I've followed you back :D :D

  2. aomg $1~ how lucky you are! hahaha. the name sounds cute too. cherry cerise~

    1. hoho yep I'm really lucky since I can get this just for $1 :D
      overall the packaging is really cute just don't like the formula :)
      thanks for reading lina kim sunbae :3

  3. This product looks interesting!

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