Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm Back + New Short Hair :D

Holla everyone~ What's up? :D Finally I'm back and I have so many things that I want to share with you (*^▽^*)

First, what about my job? Well, I quit a few weeks ago cuz of many things. One thing I can tell you that I was break out horribly because of stress and lack of sleep ╥﹏╥

Mom was freak out seeing my face covered with nasty pimples and zits, then she asked me whether I want to back to my dermatologist to consult or not. At first I refused cuz I tried hard to not rely on doctor's skincare. I tried it back then about two weeks I didn't use any skincare from my doctor and using skincare line from Skinfood. It was good except some breakout during my pms and clogged pores but beside those everything was okay la (︶︹︺). Since I started working, my nightmare begun. Lots and lots of pimples along with BIG zits growing on my face focusing on my cheeks and foreheads. I was freak out (really, I'm not kidding) then I begged (lol) my mom to buy me Etude House AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot which I had tried the trial kit before and it worked well on my pimples. Along with the Pink Powder Spot, I also asked mom to buy me Etude House Moistful Collagen Cream which is one of best seller item from Etude. So yeah, mom agreed and bought me those two products  (*´・v・)

I used both products regularly. For morning I use the Pink Powder Water that includes in the kit along with the Pink Powder Spot. The Moistful Collagen Cream is supposed to be my moisturizer cuz I run out of my moisturizer atm -__-
Both of them work well on my skin really but it didn't stop the nightmare. After one pimple or zit dried, another new pimple or zit grew again on my face. Well, you know both mom and me freak out again lol seeing this. So I gave up la, I decided to use skincare from my doctor again. And voila~ Here in just two weeks, my face is a loooot better than before. All of my pimples and giant zits are almost vanished. Only leaving tiny red spots which will healed in no time I believe *yeay* ヽ(^Д^)ノ

From this experience, I learned on thing: stress and lack of sleep are my biggest enemy >.<. You know many people break out for various reasons such as hygiene issue, stress, lack of sleep, diary products, sugar, instant food, chocolate, etc etc
And well for me, I mostly break out during pms, blame the hormone for that, For food, I mainly break out if I consume dairy products, chocolate and fried food. But they never break me out crazy like this time hahaha. So yeah now I know that if I stress enough and lack of good night sleep I'd break out crazily like last time for sure ( ̄个 ̄)

Enough with those break out stories, now I want to share with you my new haircut! :D Remember my previous post, I told you that I got new short haircut? Well, what do you think? Which one suit me the most? Short or long hair? 。◕‿◕。

trying lip tint for the first time
now totally addicted to it  (*≧▽≦)

 lashes using Eyemazing 804 - AYAMO x Rock Type B
this is my first Japanese eyelashes! Sooo freaking love it  (>y<)

 FYI, some people mistake this lashes comes in blue fiber but it is not!
it's totally black fiber  (¬‿¬)

Phew, I can't wait to catch up my blogging. Soooo many things to review. Just wait, okay? (^_−)☆ 
See ya on the next post~ Bye bye~! 


  1. Your new haircut looks nice, I like those fake eye lashes, they look cool. I also love lip tints too :)

    1. hehe sankyuu <3 tired of growing out my hair so I decided to sport short hair again :D
      in the photo i'm using lip tint from Tony Moly, from their Cat Chu Wink line if i'm not mistaken ;)

    2. Thank you, is this your favourite lip tint then?

    3. not really sure cuz this is my first lip tint, gonna try from other brand if I have a chance >.<

  2. waaaaaaah your new hair suits you so much!!! now i really want to cut my hair short >w< the lip tint looks good on you~ it looks natural. maybe i should try 1? lol and you really need to teach me how to put the false lashes. i can't even stick it to my lid -___- lol

    1. try cut you hair short sher :D but not too short maybe around your shoulder? :)
      at first I'm really surprised cuz the color is dark red blood bahahaha like a vampire but but now i'm totally addicted to it! >.<
      it's even still a bit awkward for me to put on falsie cuz of my hooded lids -__- but keep practicing and just be patient :D

  3. aww sayang banget rambutnya dipotoong >_< -> slalu berambut panjang (^_^;) . tp enaknya rmbut pendek, pke wignya gmpng & gak gembul2 di kepala.
    eyelashesnya baguus ^^ , pngen nyobain eyemazing dee, blum prnah nyoba =) .

    1. hehehe kalo cece mah paling cakep rambut panjang :3 manis gitu
      ini falsie nya di foto aja medok, irl lbh medok lagi tapi kereeeeen *^^*