Monday, July 8, 2013

The Faceshop Pore Minimizer Toner

Annyeong~ Long time no talk hehe ヾ(^∇^). Well it's been forever since the last time I written a review, so today my sis has one review for you and this one from our favorite brand The Faceshop (^ _ ^)

Let's move on to the review, shall we? ^∇^

The Faceshop Pore Minimizer Toner 



The reasons why I bought this toner because :
1. 50% disc at the counter (really tempting >.<)
2. The Faceshop is one of my favorite Korean brands *^^*
3. Elegant packaging (sucks at this, I admit that sometimes hmm often maybe,  I buy the products based on their packaging haha *≧▽≦)
4. I fell in love with the scent, so relaxing ( ̄ー ̄)
5. This toner suitable for combination oily skin

Because the reasons above, I bought not only one but two of this toner at once (hey 50% disc right, so why not? ^^). Actually I didn’t have high expectation for this toner. Although I love The Faceshop, but often  pore minimizer products don’t give you any visible results ( ̄へ ̄). From other reviews that I've read, they also comments the same things, not many pore minimizer products really deliver results as same as the brands promise, sometimes just waste of money in my opinion. So why I still bought this toner? The biggest reason just because I really needed toner at that time and by chance I saw this toner disc 50% off. I tried the tester at the counter and I fell in love with its scent, like I told you before (^~^)

it contains alcohol as second ingredients
also contains paraben and fragrance
fancy packaging or not? lol (≧∇≦)

contains 130 ml, not big nor small
The bottle is made of glass which is quite nice and fancy but I do get worried that I might drop it and it might be break, clumsy me >.<
This toner contains 130 ml and has powder sitting on the bottom so you have to shake well before using it.

About the scent, this toner really has refreshing and relaxing scent, which I adore it (*^▽^*). But not everyone has same opinion with me, so I suggest that you to at least tried this product at the counter before you buy it (for them who often buy cosmetic online). Some people don’t like strong scent from cosmetic products and I can say this toner has strong scent (゜▽゜;)

After you shake the bottle, this toner looks milky because the white powder. This toner absorb quickly in my face and not feel sticky at all (^v^)

Did it work?

Here are the claims on the box :
Keeps excess sebum in check.
Formulated with mat
tifying powders, mushroom extract and ivy extract, this toner with powder effectively cleans, clears and tightens enlarged pores. The addition of Kaolin, a fine mineral-rich powder, further work to draw oils from your pores while lifting off dead surface cells and dirt.

My skin type is combination oily with a lot of excess sebum on T-zone. Well I found this toner didn’t really help with my oil control, there is no different either I’m using it or not T_T. I don’t really mind because this toner really make my skin softer than before and for the oil control I can apply BB cream that have strong oil control for the day (for now I’m using Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream). Beside I just used one product from this line so I don’t know how the effect if you really use the entire products from this line (゜。゜)

After finished using it for 1 bottle, I can tell there is no different with my pores either. My pores still stay as same as before I started using this toner :(

I think this toner would be perfect for those who have normal skin (not dry skin) that want light toner without excessive moisture (^ω^)

How about repurchase?
Although I love the scent but I won’t repurchase this toner (except they have special discount ^.^)
I prefer try another toner from different brands or different line (such as: Clean Face)

Pro :

  •  Affordable price for 130 ml 
  • Nice packaging
  • Relaxing scent 
  • Give refresh feeling

Cons :

  • Doesn’t give any visible results 
  • Poor oil control

Now, I'm kinda interested in pore care products. My sis wants to try Etude House Wonder Pore line in the future *^^* especially the pore brush :)

How about you? Do you have any favorite product for your pores? ʘ‿ʘ

See you on the next post and bye bye~ 



  1. iyaa bener, rata2 produk yg klaim bs pore minimizer, bykkan ga trlalu ngaruh yaa, cm pke bb cream & bedak aja yg bisa kontrol oily ^^; . mungkin mesti pke satu set produk.
    muka ku jg skrg lg masuk ke kombi-oily krn trlalu byk pke skin care yg lembab2 xD .

    1. iya ce mungkin mesti pake produknya lengkap satu set baru keliatan hasilnya :/ pori poriku ga gede gede amet sih cumen kan penasaran pengen liat kalo mengecil jadi kayak apa :p
      wah aku malah kebalikan ce, gara gara pake skincare dokter kulitku lagi kering banget sampe ketarik kalo ga pake apa apa di muka >.<