Saturday, August 17, 2013

Missha M Signature Glam Art Rouge Lipstick

Hello! What's up, lovelies? \(^▽^*). It's been a while, ne? (´∀`). How was your holiday? Me? I've been busy doing some (actually quite a lot) house chores cuz our maid went home for 'Lebaran' (similar to 'Chuseok' in Korea I think, it's some kind of national holiday where people visit their hometown) ⊙ω⊙

So today, I have one review for you and this one from Missha. Looking back, this gonna be my first review from Missha, ne? 。◕‿◕。

For you lippies addict, I bet you gonna love this one  (*≧▽≦). Okay, no more chit chat. Let's move on to the review, shall we?  (*^ワ^*)


Missha Signature Glam-art Rouge (SPF15,PA+)
▶ Capacity:3.5g

▶ Product description
:Formulated with sweet almond peptide, marine collagen, 7 kinds of jewel ingredients(amethyst·pearl·white gold·diamond·ruby·etc.).

:Softly attached on skin, and maintains clear and beautiful colors all day.
 : Makes watery lips.
▶ Colors
Glam-art Rouge_c.jpg

outer box 

sis got her in SCR305
bright orange color  d=(´▽`)=b

expire: 18 months after opening

good things to protect our lips from harmful sunrays

 open the box
the packaging is just so pretty ✖‿✖

manufactured date

the front part (。・ω・。)ノ♡

 the backside
isn't it also very pretty? (*´▽`*)



The packaging are just so pretty, classy and glamorous O(≧∇≦)O. This is maybe the most glam packaging I've ever seen for Korean lipstick. The lipstick comes in classy gold tube along with the cap also in gold color, decorated with pretty floral ornaments. No words can describe how I ultra mega love the packaging (since I'm not that fluent in English lol)

open the cap

diamond-shaped bullet

take a closer look


This is my first time seen this kind of lipstick bullet ⊙△⊙. Usually the top is shaped like slanted hill (if that even makes sense). But this one comes in diamond shape. First time seeing this kind of bullet, excitedly I applied this lipstick on my lips but unfortunately I don't really like the diamond shape (T_T). Personally I found it's a bit hard to apply on my lips cuz I must use extra effort to apply it. I'm afraid I'll broke the bullet ⊙︿⊙ (I'm not a super woman but I do have quite strong hands for a woman :p). I prefer the usual shape cuz it makes the application easier and more precise.


I don't really notice any scent from this lipstick. It's just your usual lipstick scent lol


SCR305 is a bright orange color. It's really pretty and go well with my complexion (it's unexpected really). This is my first orange lipstick and I think I can pull off this kind of color pretty well *proud* lol. Beside the color, I love how it feels so moisturizing on my dry lips  (´ ▽`).。o♡


 It leaves glossy finish and moisturizing my dry lips properly! ≧(´▽`)≦

It's not a full swatch until you see the full face, right? So here you go

applied without any lip balm underneath
love love the moisturizing formula ♡^▽^♡

lately I've been doing this eye makeup everytime I put on makeup

  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Moisturizing my dry lips
  • Leaves glossy finish
  • Has no scent in it

  • The diamond shape bullet makes application harder (at least for me)
  • A bit pricey (well no wonder, it's from Missha) 

Where to get:

Sis got this from her trip to Korea for about US$ 20++ at Missha shop in Myeongdong (^v^)

Now I really want to try another products from Missha! They're a bit pricey but hey the price equal with its high quality, so why not? Also cuz TVXQ is their ambassador that makes me even want to buy more product from this brand LOL *cassiopeia forever*

TVXQ for Missha
aigooooo *die from nosebleed*

Okay then, thanks for reading and see you on the next post. Bye~~!



  1. packing nya elegan n warnanya orenz cakeppp ...
    tapi lipstiknya kurang ngeblend ke bibir y say?salam kenal ya AJ, diani...

    1. warnanya itu loh cakep banget *^^*
      kalo bibir lagi dalam keadaan sehat lebih ngeblend kok :)
      salam kenal juga :D

  2. Packingnya menarik banget dan uniknya bentuk lipstiknya kayak kristal!

    1. tapi lebih prefer bentuk yg biasa :x
      semua produk dr line m signature ada flower emboss nya cakep banget >//<

  3. awwww hasilnya bagus bgt d bibir km jes, ky pake lipgloss sesudah lipstik XD
    iy km cocok pake lipstik orange krn km putih bgt kyny XD
    kemasannya mmg bagus ya, harganya jg sbagus kemasannya ;_;

    1. iya ce glossy banget ya hasilnya XD kayak pake lip gloss <3
      banyak yg bilang aku putih banget, malah ada yg bilang aku sadako >.< padahal masih banyak yg lbh putih dr aku XD
      tinggal tambah dikit lg bisa kebeli lipsticknya makeup forever *sob*

  4. dulu aku pake ini juga =D , lipstick missha mang baguus yaa.
    cm uda lama gak beli missha lagi, bosen ^^; .

    1. iya? wah cece pake yg warna apa? :D
      aku lagi pengen nambah koleksi lippies hehe :3
      any recommendation?

    2. aku pke yg warna pink sm beige, kodenya SPK101, sm SBE201 ^^ .

  5. I really like the glossy finish :)

    Joyce @

  6. Halo, jalan2 di blog nemu blog ini x) wanna follow each other? Let me know ya! ^^
    Lipstick barunya keren x) natural orange ya.

    1. followed you :D hehe
      yup, I think I can embrace orange lipstick from now on lol