Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tomboy + How I Lost My Weight Part 2

Hello lovelies~ I'm back again! Gonna begin the part 2 now about my diet story (●´∀`●)

So in part 1 I've explained how I was motivated to try dieting and now I want to share with you my diet recipe. Slow but sure. I never gain my weight back (unless you eat out of control everyday lol). To start it, here a few photos of me when I still 61 kg (wtf 61 kg with height 155 cm (; ̄д ̄))

 weird expression lol

the weather that day was so hot!
my face was all red (;*△*;)

 SUPA DUPA weird bangs ( ಠ ಠ )
cut it myself lol

How is it? Really chubby ne? Sorry about the quality. The photos were taken with my old phone camera  (>人<) I edited them though so its become much clearer. I rarely took photos with full body view so sorry I can't show you my full body (but i always wore school uniform or shirt with long jeans so yeah never wore something 'reveal' lol). However here another photos after 3 month dieting. I lost (just) three kgs. Yes. one kg per month. So slow huh?

 57 kg * a little happiness*

 cut my hair again, fix the bangs

try another hairstyle, show my wide forehead

 when study tour to Thailand
camwhoring in the bus ⊙▽⊙

Not much difference eh you say? Yup, so i kept focusing on my diet and I lost two kgs. Here my photos 。◕‿◕。

 little piggy phone strap, a handmade gift from my friend (^v^)

 taken with my new phone

 family trip to Bali, taken in hotel bathroom
the chubby cheeks have become thinnier

Olala so many pictures sorry *bows down* I just wanna show you my dieting progress (>_<) So in my third grade (last grade in high school *sob*) I started my PKL (Praktek Kerja Lapangan / Industry Training Program) for about three months. I was stressed enough because I felt so uncomfortable with the new environment, I can't met my friends either, didn't like my seniors, and so on  (;¬_¬). Unlike my friends,here as training student I didn't have many task. Bored all day long duh. As I didn't have many task I kept drinking and drinking and of course kept visiting my fav place in the office, toilet ಠ_ಠ (too much drinking water I must say). Hahahaha but I realized with this new habit of mine, I could feel that my skin has became much fair and nicer. No acnes and less oily ∑(O_O;) yeay! Beside that, I also eat less coz I've drunk enough water lol. It's really true ne, water is the cheapest way to become beautiful (⌒▽⌒). And the result I lost five kgs in three months! Really slow I know but I never gain my weight back. My hardwork was paid (´∇ノ`*)ノ *clap for myself* 

After got back to school *finally* I back to stressed coz we third grader must face final exams soon so we can graduate. So many try outs, essays we must finished it, school tasks, etc. But I'm happy. At least I could my friends again. Seriously three months felt like one decade lol. In short, we kept study and study, faced many try out, and finally final exams. After we done its ooh it's time to wait for our graduation ceremony and of course prom night! Yahuuu so excited (〜^∇^)〜 And guess what? I lost another kgs. So 50 kg now!
Here my photos from prom ヽ(´ー`)ノ

with Iin who kept telling me pretty that night
woot thank you Iin (^ε^)

 Om Freddy's Gank lol

with Jw who own hair salon at her home
love visiting her salon (´ε` )♡

with Jw & Olin
*stretch my fatty arm so it won't be noticed*

 with Vana, my best partner in.. cheating? lol

 still with Vana, look how her tall and thin she is

 with Acung, my wife(?)
don't know how could he be my wife lol

with Claudi & Vani (Vana's twin)

group photo with Angel, Claudi, Vita, Grace, Vana, Vani, me and Jung
miss you all ʘ‿ʘ

and the last photo me
*take photo with right angle can make you look skinnier* pose

How do I look after diet? I keep my diet till now and lately I lost one kg. 49 kg now. Planning to stop dieting when I reach 45 kg. Wish me luck everyone (-^〇^-)
To close this post, now it's time for me to reveal my diet recipe (truthfully there's no anything special)

- 2 pieces of whole grain bread / 5 pieces of oat biscuit
- low fat milk (low fat milk can makes me breakout so I drink WRP brand)

- eat your lunch like usual but with less portion and brown rice

- fruits

Tips: drink more water, sleep enough, don't eat fried foods, junk foods ( I haven't touch any junk food with its friends for about one year), soda, replace your junk snacks (potato chips, chocolate, biscuits, etc) with fruits & veggies, don't eat instant foods (they contain high calories and carbohydrates),

Note: I don't do any exercise when dieting, I like slow weight loss diet but permanent (^v^). I heard many complaints from my friends who regularly go to the gym to exercise and yes they lost many kgs in just one week but when they stop go to the gym, they gain their weight back (T_T)

So yeah, that's my looong post about me became a tomboy and my diet story (○’ω’○)
Thank you for reading and see you in the next post ladies~ (-^〇^-)
Stay pretty and beautiful! Jane~ 


  1. "don't know how could he be my wife lol" - because you're the husband back then lols

  2. woah how come i have just read this today! You're so pretty! <3 I guess you look much more prettier because you look a lot more girly than your previous style ^^ I also used to be a tomboy but with long hair :p my tops and bottoms are boys' clothes LOL
    I also lost a lot of weight on my first year of senior high. Don't know why, but probably because I'm adapting to new environment. different from you, my junior high friends told me i was uglier now LOLLLL they said i look better before T^T Looks like senior high is the time of losing weight XD~

    1. awww thank you Sher ;) hehehe everybody said I look much prettier now because I shed off a lot of weight (makeup also does the magic *teehee~)
      now I'm growing out my hair, tired with this short stupid messy hair -_-
      heeeeh~ how can they said you look uglier than before? they think you look better with your tomboy style and your weight before??? :0
      hahahaha too much tasks and school assignments that have to be done, didn't have much time to rest or eat kekeke XD

    2. long hair can make our face looks slimmer ^^ They said I'm too thin right now (add acnes and blemishes and of course my face will look worse lol) maybe i should consider cutting my hair short. I want to do boyish hair cut but I'm afraid I'll look like a boy hahaha my style actually is still tomboyish. like my uni friends all instantly said "she's a tomboy, she won't wear that" lol
      my senior high actually is not that hectic. no assignments and no stress lol but maybe i had mental stress hahaha

    3. I'm really eager to lose 8 kgs more right now >:(
      can't stand too see my horrible tummy, thighs and upper arms -__- OMG
      I used to play basketball and the practice was really really hard, built me some muscles on my upper arms
      now I don't do any exercise and the muscles turned to some nasty fat makes my upper arms look really 'gelambir' LOL
      I'm considering to cut my hair short again :D can't stand this ugly messy hair urgh and I want to wear boy clothes again hahaha cuz I love rock and punk style ;)