Sunday, May 5, 2013


Hello there ladies~ Sorry it took so long for me to update this blog *bows down* (._.). It's currently 9.32 pm here, updating this blog after napping for about 4 hours lol  (*≧▽≦). That because I was really exhausted and I'll tell you why...

So I got my first job. YEAY

Congratz me my dear readers *lame* hahaha. So yeah finally I was accepted by a travel agency and it's been three days since I'm working there  (*´・v・). Can't say much about my work cuz I haven't really adapted with the new environment but all my co-workers are nice, friendly and helpful 。◕‿◕。

I must thank God for this opportunity cuz I've been needing some money to spend on skincare, makeup, clothes, etc etc. Everybody in my family said my payment is too low but I'm not gonna complain about it cuz I know I don't really have any experience before and what I'm looking for is experience and some money to spend without asking from my parents which is they're not gonna give LOL

I spent too much time being lazy at home so my body was kinda surprised when I started working (×_×;). After work, I barely have any energy left to open my laptop and update this crappy blog (>_<。). But don't worry, I'll try to find some time to write reviews little by little and maybe (hopefully) I can update my blog every Sunday woooooot~

I can't wait to get my payment as I got a MUFE voucher from my dear sweet friend blogger Sherly O(≧▽≦)O <- do visit her blog I command you, muahahahaha
Thanks Sherly for the voucher and I'll make sure to send you some surprise when I got my payment at the end of this month hehehehe  (*^ワ^*)

Oh btw the voucher only valid for minimal purchase IDR 1.000.000. I'm not really familiar with MUFE products as I only know about their holy moly concealer and lipstick  (゜▽゜;). Maybe you can give me some recommended product from MUFE? I'll really appreciate it ^^

I'm gonna recreate this look from this manga and same-name anime called NANA. Michelle Phan had recreate this look before and I want to try it! (>y<) *because I really love punk gothic look*

 the anime poster

 Ozaki Nana

really love her style! 

and this is video of Michelle creating the look of Nana

she use two lipsticks from MUFE which I'm gonna buy them!

Okay, I need to go back to sleep *yawning*. Need to wake up early tomorrow and I'm not a morning person duh (T_T)

Thank you for being my loyal reader and I promise I'll update you soon with a new review >.<

Jane~ See you soon *blow kiss*


  1. I'm happy that you can get your first job. Well about the payment, we can't really complain when we have no experience yet :( But if they notice your great work, they will give you a raise or even a promotion ^^ Good luck with your job ya~

    Anyway I nominated you for Liebster Award! Please do check my post here I hope you will accept it and pass it to another blogger ^^

    1. yup yup can't complain lah since I don't have any experience before :(
      thank you for nominating me! :D will find time to make a blog post for it :) just wait hihi :3 and I think the questions are really interesting to answer ;)