Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blog Swap With Sherly From Blame The Store \(^O^)/

Hello, people! Long time no see ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ Miss you guys so much!!! (*≧ω≦)

First of all, I'm so sorry for abandon my blog for quite a long time *bow*. I faced my mid term after I wrote my last post and after that, campus activities just got so hectic (×_×;). We got so many assignments, presentations, and also I spent my time hanging out and worked part time with my friends until it was very late (until morning actually *teehee~). I was so tired but I don't mind cuz it was really fun to spend time with my friends, am I right? (*^▽^*)

Okay, let's move on to the main of this post: A BLOG SWAP!!! Yahuuu, this is my first blog swap and Sherly from Blame The Store was kindly to accept my request to do blog swap with her (。・ω・。). Isn't she really kind? Hehe 。◕‿◕。. So we asked each other preferences through numerous emails and then we moved our conversation to WhatsApp. We took note what we like, what we don't like, and so on. It was really fun to know your friend further and I'm really happy when we found we like same things (“⌒∇⌒”)

We agreed to choose beauty as our theme for this blog swap and we limit our budget up to IDR 300.000. We didn't limit the brands and she ended choose Asian brands that are Korea and Japan products! I really like both Korea and Japan brands, so I was so happy when I opened the box she sent me hehe (^v^)

The funny thing, we sent our box on the same day and we received it also on the same day, only I get mine a few hours later than her LOL. And also I laughed when I found she chose a same product that I also chose for her hahaha (*^ワ^*)

Well, anyway I'll just reveals all the things she personally chose for me. Aren't you guys excited? Because I am ^.^

the box came with two sweet notes on the cover
now I feel bad cuz I didn't write any notes for her :( *slap myself*

Sherly used a beauty box and I just love it! Why? Because it's black, sturdy, and the size is just perfect to store in my makeup neatly (^v^). Oh FYI, she used the BTI box :)

The notes she wrote me
isn't she so sweet? *^^*

Another note that shows how thoughtful she is (>y<)
Open the box!!!

Actually she wrapped all of the things inside but because I was TOO EXCITED, in the end I tore off all the bubble wraps without take the photos first -___- *slap my self again*
And she also wrap them with cute pink paper wrap :) along with small notes that gave a hint about the product inside! I love sweet little things like these ❤

Okay, let's see what she got for me o(〃^▽^〃)o

this one caught me first in the eye!
Etude House Color My Brows in Rich Brown (≧∇≦)

 the product inside the paper packaging

So why this eyebrow mascara caught my eye first? Because I was freaking curious about a brow mascara!! >.<. FYI, I have fuller looking brows, so I don't really need extreme grooming or trimming on my brows. But, I was so bored with my dark grey brows, I want change my brows into different color and and eyebrow mascara is the answer (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Honestly, it just took me around five minutes after I finished tore off all the bubble wraps to try this eyebrow mascara and I just love it! But still, I need to find some easy ways for me to apply this to my brows because no one wants to have thick funny-looking brows, right? :p

Move on to the next surprise

She got me Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner in Black!
 I almost scream when I saw this baby LOL

How thoughtful of her to get me this black gel eyeliner from Tony Moly σ(≧ε≦o). I think she chose this one because I told her I was very curious about this eyeliner that many bloggers claim this as their holy grail eyeliner! Haven't tried this yet (cuz I want to finish off my Silky Girl Gel Eyeliner first) but sure I can't wait to try it! (*≧▽≦)

And the next thing is...
 Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Gem!

So, I laughed when I saw this because this is the same exact thing that I also got for her lol. Sooo happy to get this because same like the eyebrow mascara, I had deep curiosity about this eyeliner (๑>ᴗ<๑). I love she chose the one with no shimmer because I hate my black eyeliner to have shimmer in it hahaha. Thanks Sher, sure will try this one soon~ :D

Move move move to the next item...

Got a ultra cute Rilakkuma lip balm!

Kawaii~ (*´∀`*)♡

Rilakkuma meets honey~
I'm sucker for cute things like this >.<

One thing I can't live without is a lip balm. Seriously, because my lips tend to get dry very easily, I must reapply lip balm continuously. And I tend to look for a stick one to bring in my make up pouch because it's the easiest one for reapply. Very happy to get a cute stick lip balm like this (^▽^). Now I can reapply my lip balm with style muahahahaha *slapped*

And the last but not least...

Got this handsome mask LOL from i.myss with 2AM on it :D

mask for your skin and 2AM for your eye candy :p

Haven't tried any arbutin mask because I tend to break out from some mask
Hopefully this mask won't *crossing fingers*

So total five products which I love them all! ❤

Sorry for the crappy photos, nowadays the weather is just so moody so I couldn't really get some appropriate lightning like usual the photoshoot :/ And also sorry for my bad writing skill, haven't blogging in such a long time sure is killing my writing skill duh *face palm*

Anyway, I'm really happy for this successful blog swap. This is my first time but sure I wanna make another blog swap hehe :D. Can't really give appropriate review since most of the products I haven't tried them yet. I will make separate post to review these babies, yup~

So you can check Sherly's blog here to know what i got for her :D Compared with her post, this post is really a bad one :( so make sure to check her wonderful posts, okay? ;)

Thank you Sherly for willing to do blog swap with crappy blogger like me. Love you so much *gives virtual hug* (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

And also thank you to my readers for still reading this crappy blog of mine. Uni things really kills me, so sorry I haven't put up any review posts like before -__-''. Beside that, I also want to try make some tutorial, like my everyday makeup routine (you know, I wear makeup everytime I go to campus). My makeup is a bit different from other people because I don't really like natural ones and I prefer a lil bit gothic or rock ones hehe. So are you still interested in my tutorial? Let me know ⊙ω⊙

Thanks for reading and see you again on the next post. Bye bye~! *chu*


  1. Is it wrong to think that this post is some kind of funny? hahahaha I keep smiling till the end! I am so excited to read this post after you told me. I should have given you more items :( Now I feel bad. But thankfully you like them all!
    When the rilakkuma lip balm reached me, I have to hide it so I won't open it xD it looks so cute! I hope it works well, though. It has to, because it's Japanese product :p
    Thank you for posting this blog swap Jess! *gives virtual hug too*

    And YES please do a makeup tutorial! I was thinking about making one on my blog but.... yeah, didn't have the skill yet LOL I'll be looking forward to yours ^_^

    1. not wrong at all hun hahaha ;D I also kept smiling when I read your post :)
      I'm the bad one here :( cuz I tore all the bubble wraps and the pink paper wraps along with the notes before take the photos of it -__-
      I hope the rilakkuma lip balm at least has nice scent leh, and it is a plus it fit works well on my dry chappy lips >.<
      hohohoho roger! gotta prepare for the tutorial :D hopefully I can post it before new year *crossing fingers*

    2. It will be more embarassing if you post the packaging photo lah! hahaha Let us know about the Rilakkuma lip balm ya ^_^
      btw jess I nominated you (again?) for the Liebster Blog Award hehehe Kindly check my post here ya ^_^

  2. aduh yg rilakkuma lucu bangetttt <3

    1. bangeeeeet ci >.< ga nahan sama packagingnya :D

  3. waah seru banget blog swap nya, dpt rilakkuma lucu bangeet ^^ .

    oh iya, ikutan giveaway ku yuuk -->