Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Leaving 2013 and Moving to 2014

Hello, I'm back again~! I know I've been so lazy to blog once I set my path to uni life :( I'm so sorry for not be able to give you product reviews like I did back in 2012. Uni life has taken most of my time and I'm that kind of student that cannot neglect my assignments and school tasks although I hate it to the max -__-

So yeah, 2013 has been good so far. Not great but just good (at least it's not bad leh). I've met many new people and encountered various events. I've been practicing my makeup skill more often because I do my makeup everyday and also sometimes I do makeup for my friends too :)

I also have found my dream this year. One that I'm sure I want to do it not just kind of fake dream that I make to be showed off to people like what I did when I was in high school. Yes, I've found my solid passion in beauty field. In fact, I'm practicing to be a makeup artist. To be honest, I've liking makeup since 2 or 3 years ago, I think? But still, I didn't have enough confidence to be a makeup artist. And also both of my parents seem to underestimate this dream of mine and force me to choose another path. I tell you, at first after graduated from high school, I didn't have any plan to enter university because simply I freaking hate studying (even though I still force myself to get good grades for my parents). Mom and dad knew about this and they also didn't force me to enter a university. But the problem start when sis persuaded both mom and dad to enroll me in a uni because she said no company will hire you or will pay you well if you don't have standard degree. I don't really mind (yes, until this moment still I don't really mind) because I didn't really know what I want to do, except studying Japanese and makeup.

So later on, in such a short time, mom tried to find a uni for me and she didn't even care what major that I want to choose. One freaking thing that I hate that she only gave me one option for a uni that is a low-grade uni that famous for been a place for lazy and delinquent kids *sigh*. Moreover, I was too late to apply and I must wait for the next year to be enrolled to that freaking uni. So yeah, that is my reason why I was held a year aback. I can't hate my parents for force me to choose the path that I hate because I know they did it for my sake. I can't drop out from uni either because the payment already has been made. So yeah, now I'm trapped in these boring uni life for three years ahead *facepalm*

All I can do for now is study hard to get good grades like what I always do for my parents sake but not for my sake. It's really hard I'm telling you and I'm very sad with this kind of life that I've been through for the last 4 years. Still, I can't neglect my study just because I hate it, that's not a mature act. My life kinda passive and boring before I knew about makeup. I just study, study, and study only to know I have to get good grades. But, since I knew makeup, my life has been changed in a better way. I can be creative with all those colors, I can inspire people around me to take care more of themselves, in other words I've found what I truly like. So, even though I've been stuck and trapped in that disgusting and low-grade uni, still I will pursue my dream to be a makeup artist :)

Thanks to my passion with beauty, I've meet many gorgeous and nice people through my blog :) They taught me a lot of things such as how to be hard-worker, loyal friend, and many more. I also improve my English skill a lot by watching makeup tutorials, reading beauty blogs, and writing a blog itself :D

All I can say is that my passion has brought many good (or even great) things into my life :) So why can't I be proud of it? :)

Leaving this boring year of 2013 and moving on to 2014, I've made a few resolution (this is my first resolution that I ever made lol) :D So yeah, here are a few things that I want to accomplish in the next year:

- Reach 40 kg by eating healthier and start exercising.
- Take care of my skin more diligently ;)
- Pray and read bible everyday (I'm a Christian btw).
- Learn to manage my allowance more effectively.
- Buy less makeup and start to organize my wardrobe.
- Polish my makeup skill of course.
- Become more down-to-earth person.
- Buy gifts for mom and dad's birthday with my own earned money :)
- Become fluent in English.
- Learn Japanese all over again.
- Care more about people around me :D

To close this boring post, may I wish you all (late) MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

May all of your wish come true and wish you more happiness in the next year :D

Keep on smiling and God Bless!! :D :D


  1. Jess, this is a great post! After reading this, I'm also gonna try to find my ultimate dream so we can race to see who will reach it first! Hahaha :p

    You are the first person in my whole entire 20 years of life who is not afraid to say that you hate studying. I personally hate theories and maths, but I love human & animal biology like crazy. I don't know why, because they both are theories too -__- Too bad I can't be a doctor *sigh*

    Btw, isn't 40 kg too light? Ntar kamu terbang ketiup angin loh! I also have determined to buy presents for my parents' birthday, but I only managed to buy for my mom's this year T_T

    Just do your best until you graduate, and after that you can do whatever you want. My mom just told me this a week ago, to find your dream, and work on what you love so you won't feel like working for your whole life ^_^
    I live by this saying: "No matter how nice or how hard we try, we won't be able to please everyone. Someone will always hate you for something you do or don't do. We only have 1 life and it's short, so we should at least please ourselves"

    1. thanks for the comment, dear *tearing up* :')

      i'm sure you will find yours soon :) a dream is not always must be in a job or occupation form but also can be in another form, right? like happiness or maybe love?

      do you know? i never say i hate studying so much in my real life, it's always buried deeply in my mind, but hey i feel so much better after writing this post :) me too! i freaking hate theories and math (except if they are easy) LOL

      i'm more into art related thingy like drawing anime, oil painting, makeup, playing the sims lol and anything that related to colors >XD
      same case with you darl, many of my dreams from childhood were crushed just like that because of my surroundings :(

      hahaha i thought so! but i'm very short only 155 cm and i want to be as skinny as japanese girls (petite and slim *tehee~) but don't know if i can actually achieve it *right now stuck at 48 kg* :(
      i never bought anything for my dad' birthday and that kinda make me feel like a really bad child and supeeeer guilty >.< so this year i determine to buy something for him :D maybe a polo shirt? *dad likes that*

      you too sher :D just do your best until you graduate. you don't have to be in rush to find your dream :) take it slowly and try to find what you truly like *^^*
      OMG how i love this saying! the last statement really touched me :')
      we can still be a good child for our parents while pursuing our dream, right? Love your mom for understanding the biggest concern of my life! >.<

  2. I kinda can't believe you're able to write things like these. lol. sorry bar.
    Just hang on to that uni, I'm pretty sure you can do it :)
    Let's fighting for what we want! :)

    1. lol i can write anything i want in my blog but bleh i think it's kinda impossible for me to actually cry my voice out in real life :(
      fighting! >:)

  3. aku jg lg blajar bhs jpg jg looh, lanjuutin =) .
    ayoo semangat blajar di uni.
    mang msk jur apa?

    1. ayo ce kita sama2 belajar :D nihongo go go go ;)
      masuk jurusan hospitality and tourism ce :x