Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Benefit Her Name Was Glowla Makeup Kit

Hello ladies~ Sorry for lack of post last week. I really didn't have mood to blogging (* ̄m ̄) plus I was super busy hangout with my friends and family. I went to three different malls last week lol. Super duper tired but it was fun ヾ(*´∇`)ノ. But I felt really guilty for not posting any beauty review so yeah here a new review for you (^▽^). I introduce you Benefit Her Name Was Glowla ( ・ω・)


Glowla's Havana GLAM time! Her portable makeup kit has everything you need for a soft, seductive look. The included step-by-step lesson shows you how to use this complete kit for eyes, lips and cheeks for luscious color and a radiant glow.

Kit includes:

High beam
Moon beam
Shimmering 5-color Eyeshadow Palette
Double-ended Fluff Shadow and Hard Angle Brush
BADgal Lash
Life On The A List Lip Gloss

the box wrapped with the cover

 open the cover

the box

open the box there's a mirror and a booklet (^ ^)

open the booklet

 the description

 how to apply the makeup
step 1&2

 step 3&4

step 5&6

finally step 7 ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ)

 there's a separator with the name of eyeshadow printed on it
passion pearl, steamy copper and deep bronze have shimmer in it (“⌒∇⌒”)


As usual, Benefit offers chic and classy packaging. When my sis browsed over benefit products, she said all of the packaging are really nice, make you want to have them all lol (≧▽≦). This makeup kit comes in a box and wrapped with a cover. Inside the box you can find a booklet (includes the description of the makeup kit and how to apply the makeup), a mirror and many separators that separate the makeup from the booklet and the mirror so it's more hygienic (*・ω・) 


This makeup kit has warm-toned eyeshadow which is super duper not pigmented! (,,#゚Д゚). The dark brown color is supposed to be used as a liner but it's just not pigmented and hardly shows on my lids (>д<). Beside that, the eyeshadow also is too powdery which make them fall out everywhere on your cheeks when you apply them ヽ(#`Д´)ノ. Super hate it la! *click tongue*

 I love the color but it's too powdery plus not pigmented!

swatch on hand
it needs more than ten swaps to get those colors (; ̄Д ̄)

 taken with different lightning


I find the color of the blush is sooo pretty 。◕‿◕。. I'm not really a fan of blush like my sis, but I love how pretty the coral color on my cheeks without makes me look like a clown lol (v^_^)v. Although the color is pretty sheer but it's buildable. I can use this blush lightly to create natural flush on my cheeks that suits for day time or bold cheeks for formal occasions (although I'm not really a fan of bold cheeks *teehee~) ⊙▽⊙. Oh one more thing. This blush has shimmer so for you who dislike shimmering blush, you may skip it (._.)

the color turns out to be pink in the photo Σ(゜ロ゜;) 
but I swear it's coral in real life lol

swatch on hand

closer look

Lip Gloss:

Nothing special about the lip gloss except the scent trololol (*≧▽≦). It has nice fruity scent that I like. I admit the color is pretty but it's not pigmented. As you know, both me and my sis have pigmented lips so it's difficult for any light colored lip gloss to show its true colors on our lips (¬、¬). I must use lip concealer first before apply this lip gloss which is too hassle. The other downfall are the formula isn't juicy and too sticky in my opinion. Unlike my Candy Doll lip gloss that gives juicy and moisturize finish, this gloss is just sticky and not moisturizing my lip at all. Boooo~ (#`д´)ノ 

 the size is quite big

the wand isn't too long

 the applicator 
it can reach my cupid bow and the edges of my lips nicely (*´ー`)

swatch on hand

 zoom in

swatch on my lips:

bare lips

 with Life On The A List lip gloss


Same with the lip gloss. I find nothing special about this mascara. It does a good job in lengthening my short lashes with its big brush ( ̄ー ̄). Volumized? I don't think this mascara could volumized my thin lashes that well. And one thing that I really hate from this mascara is it isn't smudge proof (≧σ≦). First time I used this mascara, it smudged really badly on my upper and lower eyelids gave me those horrible panda eyes lol 

  petite bottle with long cap lol

 ultra short wand hahaha (*≧▽≦)ノ

the brush is big!

okay, now let's see how it works on my lashes:

 bare lashes

using BADgal mascara
see how my short lashes extended pretty well?

 Highbeam and Moonbeam:

These two babies probably what I love the most from this suck makeup kit lol. If you familiar with Benefit, you must have heard these two products as many people gave good reviews about them (*´・v・). So what are Highbeam and Moonbeam? And what's the difference between them? They both are liquid highlighters, you can use them on your cheek bones, the tip of your nose, the temple area, your brow bones and other areas that you want to highlight (⌒▽⌒). The Highbeam is more for daytime, it has pink tone make your face looks fresher and brighter (*^▽^*). The Moonbeam is more for evening as it adds gold tone into your skin, so it's makes your look more dramatic for evening occasions (^v^). These two highlighters feel so light on my face without feeling oily or greasy and it gives subtle shines, leave healthy glowing finish that I really adore hihihi (>y<)

the Highbeam

 the Moonbeam

swatch on hand
left: Highbeam   right: Moonbeam

blend both higlighters on my skin
you can see the pink tone on the Highbeam
the Moonbeam has gold tone so it isn't too obvious in the photo
I put a mark around the area where I blend the Moonbeam  ಠ ಠ 

The Brushes:

Benefit Her Name Was Glowla includes three small brushes in it: the blush brush, dual eyeshadow and eyeliner brush (・∀・). All of the brushes have really soft bristles and can pick up the products pretty well. I think it's convenient to bring the brushes for traveling coz of its small size but I don't think I'll bring the makeup kit with me coz of its low quality lol 

 very small dual brushes (^▽^)

the eyeliner brush

the eyeshadow brush

the blush brush

  • Chic and classy packaging
  • Includes a booklet, mirror and small brushes
  • The blush and the lip gloss have pretty coral color
  • The lip gloss has nice scent
  • The mascara lengthening my short lashes pretty well
  • The highlighters leaves healthy glowing finish
  • The brushes have very soft bristles

  • The eyeshadow isn't pigmented and too powdery
  • The lip gloss is sticky, not pigmented and not moisturizing
  • The mascara isn't smudgeproof
  • Pricey for its low quality

Where to get:

My sis purchased this makeup kit at Poppen Huis for Rp 485.000 (around USD $50)

Repurchase? OF COURSE NOT! I prefer spend my money for another products with real high quality lol

What about you ladies? Have you tried Benefit products? What do you think? (。・ω・。)

Thanks for reading and see you on the next post~ Gotta write another review for ya! 。(⌒∇⌒。)


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