Thursday, January 10, 2013

Etude House Oh~ m' Eye Lash in No 5 Curling and Clean

Annyeong~ Hello ladies ヾ(^∇^). I'm back with another review from Etude House (*´・v・). This is my first and only mascara from Etude House and I'm super loving it! I introduce you Etude House Oh~ m' Eye Lash in No 5 Curling and Clean (⌒▽⌒)☆

When I was a beginner back then, I don't have much budget to buy my own makeup. As I know Etude offers bunch of cute makeup with cheap and pretty good quality, I decided to try their mascara ( ̄ー ̄). So here I"m gonna share with you what I think and why I love this mascara (^_^). Move on to the review ->

Volume Black Mascara promotes lush, confident eyelashes.

Available in six different specialized options:
1 Petticoat
2 Volume & Longlash
3 Double Up Volume
4 Double Up Longlash
5 Curling & Clean
6 Topcoat

Focus on a specific specialty or use all six to create the perfect look!




This mascara comes in black plastic bottle with the brand and its name printed on the front in purple color, gives those dreamy feeling (≧▽≦). The size of the bottle is smaller from my Lancome mascara and looks cheaper lol. But personally I prefer this kind of cute packaging than the classy one 。◕‿◕。

the wand

 the brush 
upward and downward


The wand is shorter than my Lancome mascara but it's just perfect for my grab. I can easily apply it on my upper and lower lashes with the brush. Just like the name 'Curling and Clean', this mascara really helps in curling my thin and short lashes without making any mess. The only downside I found is they tends to be clump if you apply too much coat on your lashes. Aside from that, everything is okay (^v^). I have oily eyelids but I don't find this mascara smudge on my eyelids as long as I wait the coats to be dry before closing my eyes (*≧ω≦)

I found a bit unpleasant scent comes from this mascara (¬_¬). The scent is like an old mascara that ready to be thrown into trash can lol. But I don't really mind la as long as it's not rose scent like Lancome has ಠ_ಠ


I quite like the result although this mascara can't make my lashes super long and volumized like a doll (blame my thin and short lashes leh) but it can curl and extending my lashes pretty well so I don't complaint with it (¬‿¬). But still I must curl my lashes with eyelash curler before apply this mascara. I usually apply around two or three coats on my lashes to avoid clump (`・ω・´)”

bare ugly lashes

use Etude House Oh~ m' Eye Lash in No 5

see how my lashes curl pretty well?  (┌・。・)┌ 
I didn't use any eyelash curler beforehand 

  • Cute packaging
  • Can curl and extending my lashes without making any mess
  • Doesn't smudge on my oily eyelids
  • Cheap!

  • Has a bit unpleasant scent
  • Sometimes tends to be clump if I apply too much coat

Where to get:

I got mine at Riebutik for only Rp 40.000 (around USD $4). It's very cheap, right? (*^▽^*) lol

Repurchase? Maybe no. Although I'm quite satisfied with the result but I want to try other Etude mascara hihi (v^_^)v 

Thanks for reading~ Have a nice day and see you again! (-^〇^-)


  1. Hasilnya bagus! *terobsesi sm curling mascara*
    ga waterproof ya tapii?
    oh ya manggil km apa yaa? xD

    1. iya ga waterproof gampang banget diapus pas mandi lol
      panggil Jessica ato Jes ato apa aja boleh kok :D
      daripada beli mascara lancome mahaaaal >.<

  2. bar gue juga pake ini! >.<
    lumayan juga sih hehehe

    1. hahaha bisa sama kita hihi *highfive*
      lumayan lah mengingat budget kita :3

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