Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Current Skin Condition + Random Talk

Annyeong~ ヾ(^∇^) Woah I feel it's been an age since I last blogging hehehe (*^▽^*). It's not like I don't have time to blogging but it's just I feel too lazy nowadays don't know why ( ̄ー ̄). Maybe because I've been in *ehem* vacation too long lol. Seriously, after graduated from high school, all of my friends already applied for university or job vacancy but me.......just sit in front of my laptop, watching Korean dramas, listening to music, sleeping and eating like a pig (thanks God I don't gain any weight phew -_-'')

Aih before I blabbering further, now back to the topic. Today I wanna share with you my current skin condition and some random talk about my life <- nobody ask lol

Actually it's been a month I've used skincare from my dermatologist. My main skin problem isn't acne but oil clog. What is oil clog? You can say oil clog it's like milia. It's oil seeds caused by clogged pores and too much oil on your face. My doctor (let's call my dermatologist 'doctor' coz here we use that term) said if you eat too much fried food or junk food, it can cause oil clogs. I'm on diet so I hardly eat any junk food (plus I don't really like hamburger hihi ⊙▽⊙). The only problem is my mom often cooks fried food for my meal *facepalm*. After heard my doctor said that, I whined to mom to not make any fried food again for my meal and she agreed yeay!

My doctor only gave me toner, cream and sunscreen as he said I'm only 18 years old (*´・v・). It's been two weeks I've avoided any fried or oily food and used skincare from my doctor. And voila! I can see how my skin is much improved than before! No blackheads or whiteheads, no pimples, my acne scars and redness also reduced! I don't know if my skin is improved because of the treatment from my doctor or coz I avoid fried food or both lol. But I guess it's both la (⌒▽⌒) teehee~

And here some random talk. I can't fill up my blog just with beauty things as it will be boring (* ̄з ̄). So that's why I often post such a random post about me chirping and blabbering useless things lol

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll turn 19 very soon. *sigh* I feel I haven't accomplished many things in my life. I studied hard at school and achieved good grades, made many friends, participated in school events and such. But I feel I didn't do much. I didn't go anywhere towards my future. These thoughts always bother me:

What's my dream?
What I want to do in the future? 

Back when I was still in high school, I always dream to be a translator or a guide. I was majoring in Japanese language and I love learning it. I even took a cram school also majoring in Japanese language. After graduate, I applied to an university that has Japanese literature as its best major. But because of many contradictions, me and my parents decided to apply to another university with another major. I took Tourism major. Although its title Tourism but it's not the same with what I've learned in high school (I also studied at Tourism High School). I hate office works, that's why I took this major. I think works in the hotel will be much better than in the office (who knows that?)

Now I'm afraid if I've taken a wrong path. I still want to learning Japanese further but my parents think it's not as important as English and Mandarin *sigh*. My college will start in September this year. I hope I can make new friends and enjoy my uni life (^v^)

I apologize if you find this post is very boring (._.). I'll update my blog soon with another beauty products review from Jill Stuart, Benefit and Anna Sui. So stay tuned~ *wink*


  1. Happy birthday! :D
    maaf ya telat...
    well my parents also think like that hahaha.. ._.

    1. hihihi thanks a lot ci rini :D
      huhu padahal aku ga suka mandarin -__-

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