Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream

Hello lovelies~ How are you? Me? Very genki desu! (^o^)/

So today I'm gonna review a BB cream. Yes! Finally a BB cream review (●⌒∇⌒●) and this one comes from Dr. Jart, one of my favourite brand (^▽^). My sister bought this BB cream around two months ago as she has acne prone skin and oily skin. She heard this BB cream works well for her skin type. So let's move on to the review, shall we? ヽ(*・ω・)ノ


Matte type double function BB, perfect covers for scars and blemishes with bright skin tone.

Whitening and UV protection (SPF35 PA++)
Albutin ingredient helps skin to be brighter and clearer. Whitening and UV protecting functions protect the skin from inner and outer harmful pollutants and make the skin healthy.

Controls sebum with out any oily complexions
Sebum controlling function prevents oily complexion caused by excess sebum and secretion of maintaining soft and moisture skin.

Natural finish and healthy glowing complexion with excellent coverage
Perfectly covers reddish skin and blemishes. Deliver the skin tone bright and balanced with soft and excellent application.

Protects and soothes for the sensitive skin
Safe to use on sensitive and trouble skin with ingredients Hyaluronic acid for an excellent moisturizer, and Centella Asiatica for the excellent calming skin.

Sounds really great ne?  (^▽^) Cannot wait to try this BB cream (≧∇≦)


Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream comes in tube packaging with silver color design, makes this product looks so classy and not cheap lol. The size is quite big as it contains 50ml but still travel friendly (*´・v・)



 the tube

Application, Texture & Scent:

The texture of this BB cream is a bit thick but not sticky. It spreads easily on my skin whether I apply it with my fingers or with my foundation brush. I only need a little amount (see the picture below) and it's enough to cover my entire face (-^〇^-). I've used it without any face powder before and this BB cream does a really good job in covering all my blemishes, redness and acne scars! I just love it! (*≧▽≦). So if you're in rush just grab this BB cream, take a little amount and spreads it all over your face and it will cover any imperfectness on your face (⌒▽⌒). But don't apply too much coz it tends to be cakey (>_<) Well, I've used many type of BB creams before and they also will makes your face cakey if you apply too much  (¬_¬). Beside great coverage, it also claims to brighten and moisturize your skin really does! How I cannot love this BB cream? (´∇ノ`*)ノ But, the most thing I like from this BB cream is...................the oil control! My sis said it takes around 6-7 hours before her face starts to be oily (>y<)I can say the oil control is same la with Missha and BRTC BB creams ( ̄ー ̄). Hmmm....the scent is just so so like other BB creams (´ー`) (but unlike Tony Moly Secret BB cream which is smells awful <- gonna review it later)

swatch on hand

just need around this amount to cover my entire face (^_^)

easy to spread

taken with different lightning

 closer look


I find this BB cream is too grey-ish for my skin tone (゜▽゜;). Maybe coz its whitening effect. At first I apply this BB cream, it made me look like a ghost lol. So white! But after 30 minutes, this BB cream blends nicely with my skin tone but still give whitening effect (not ghostly though). But but but..... beware if you gonna take picture with flash coz you gonna turn back to a ghost ha! At first I didn't realize it coz I didn't bother to take a picture of me when I send off my friend at the airport (just wore base makeup at that time so didn't bother to take selca lol). But when one of my friend took photos of us with her dslr (also with flash) guess what? My face turned to be so white-cast ( ̄个 ̄). One minus point from this BB cream la (¬_¬). Another day I used this BB cream again and took photos with my phone without flash and...... it turned out normal ヽ(^Д^)ノ Yeay!

 see how it's too grey for my skin?

Here are photos of me taken with flash:

do you know which one is me? ಥ‿ಥ

 nice expression ʘ‿ʘ

my face Y U SO WHITE?

 despite the ghostly look, I love the dewy finish (*^▽^*)

see the color difference between my face and neck?

Also photos of me taken with my phone (no flash):

Swatch on Face:

left cheek

right cheek

my chin full of acne scars ≖‿≖

Great coverage ne? As you can see, this BB cream leaves dewy finish. I prefer dewy finish than matte one coz it makes me like a real Korean lol *slapped

  • Classy packaging
  • Comes in a tube
  • Easy to apply and great coverage
  • Just need a lil amount to cover up entire face
  • Brighten and moisturize your skin 
  • Great oil control

  • Tends to be cakey if you apply too much
  • Too grey-ish for my skin tone
  • Give ghostly look in flashy photos
  • A lil bit expensive compared to other BB creams

Where I got this:

I got mine at Gerai Parfum for about Rp 199.000. Kindly check their shop here as they carry many beauty products include perfumes from Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan brands. Although this BB cream a lit bit expensive compared to other brands like Faceshop, Etude, Tony Moly, Holika Holika, etc but it's really worth it! So if you have oily and acne prone skin like my sister or many blemishes, redness and acne scars like me nah this BB cream is just made for you lol *sounds like an advertise* If you don't like dewy finish just apply your fav powder to have matte finish (^_−). I don't really mind with the grey-ish effect as long as I don't take photo with flash hohoho ( ̄ー ̄)

Repurchase: Hmm...maybe no. I love this BB cream but I want to try another BB cream from another brands hehe (^v^)

So, what's your favorite BB cream? Thanks for reading ladies~ See you very soon (^_−)☆


  1. Dear friend,
    One question for you, that the Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream have a white tube? In fact, I just buy a Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream on website, but it is white tube. I'm not sure if it is ture.

    1. I'm not sure about it, but as I know Dr. Jart Silver Label BB cream always comes in silver tube. I've read many reviews about this BB cream before buy it and all of the tube is in silver color
      Did you buy it at trustworthy website?

  2. It did have a nice coverage!!!!!

    Gee, I've ordered the wrong bb cream T_T
    at first, I wanted to order this but then I decided to order missha misa choboyang bb cream :(

    Yup, Dr. Jart Silver Label BB cream comes in silver tube. that's why it is named silver label^^

    1. yes, it is! *^^*
      aren't missha also famous with their bb creams? I've tried the sample of their m bb cover before and holy moly! the coverage was superb!
      how about that bb cream that you ordered? is it good?

      Thanks for your information! :3 we must beware of fake products >:(

  3. i bought this Dr Jart silver label bb cream in Seoul, Korea..its in a black tube now, much sleek-er style..i guess the silver tube is the old one and no longer sold in Korea..only online sellers have this old tubes, its sad to see people are buying either expired or fake ones in silver tubes :(

    1. it's black tube now? :O haven't heard of this, thanks for sharing :D
      yeah, that's why i shop for cosmetics only on trusted sellers because hey i don't wanna take any risk from fake or expired products :/