Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas is Here!!!

Oh hi readers~ What's up? (⌒▽⌒)/゜・:* I can't believe Christmas is finally here *too happy* (*^▽^*)
I'm writing this post with such mixed feelings: happy, a little sad, lonely, excited and so on. Happy and excited coz I just love Christmas (dunno know why lol). Sad and lonely coz I'll spend (it's 12.24 am currently here) this year also with my family ( ̄□ ̄;). Oh I know I shouldn't complain coz many people couldn't spend their holiday season with their family. I know I know, buuut since I was in middle school, I always want to spend my Christmas with friends or *cough* boyfriend. But yeah my friends also spend their Christmas with their family or bf or gf. Many of them also active in church activities so they are busy preparing for this d-day *sigh*. Mom wants to go to mall as you know here in my country which doesn't have winter season, the only place where you can feel Chrismas atmosphere are only at church or mall. So sad right? *sigh again* (-_-)=3

Here a Christmas tree for you all ^^

such a lovely living room 。◕‿◕。
it gives those warm and Christmas-sy feelings, right?

I prefer spend my time with my beloved laptop than hang out with my family at mall la. I also prefer my mom's cooking than eating outside (lol I'm truly an indoor type). Oh I almost forgot to mention that today I've succeed in holding myself from overeating hoho. Today at around 1 am, I still awake and was really hungry. Since it's midnight there's no food (since everyone already feel asleep) and in the end I cooked Korean instant ramen for myself and then went to sleep after finish eating it (T▽T). Such a guilty pleasure. As soon I woke up (around 3 pm I think?), I right away weight myself on the scale. I'm currently weight around 49 kg and I was really terrified when I saw the scale showed around 49-50 kg *aaaaaargh*. I know I'm such a fool eating such high calorie food in the middle of night and went to sleep straight after it. And yeah cause I was really scared that I'll gain any unnecessary weight, today I decided to eat just one meal and I really done it ( ̄ー ̄). Yes! I'm proud of myself lol. Although I'm really starving right now ugh. To hold back my hunger, I drank a lot of water and I immersed myself with my laptop playing games, watching funny videos and such haha (;一_一)

oh btw I ate this one
it's a lil bit spicy but it's so yummy :9

Oh I also want to mention my current favorite idol group: Infinite. I've become their fans since they released 'Be Mine' which is such an addictive song. Love it! (*≧▽≦). And they didn't fail to impress me again with their latest title track in 2012 'The Chaser'. Infinite known as dancing-dol coz of their perfect synchronize dance. Their dance are so neat and sharp, it's just so cool *fangirling mode on*. I'm also obsessed with their leader Kim Sunggyu lol. I love guy with small eyes and when I first saw Sunggyu, I just couldn't help but falling in love with him *melts* (‘∀’●)♡. And I fall in love deeper with him when I watch Infinite on variety shows. The members (they all younger from him) often bully him lol. Poor oppa hahaha. They gave him nickname: old man lol. On one of the variety show that Infinite starred in, they show the members room while they were sleeping. And one of the member Sungyeol gave a look of Sunggyu's drawer that full of medicine! ⊙△⊙. Hahaha although oppa is just 24 years old (in Korean age) why he needs all of those medicine? I wonder lol ʘ‿ʘ

Sunggyu is the second one from left

leader-Gyu with Nurungie
one of 3 dogs adopted by Infinite on Birth of A Family variety show

his eye are so small, right? (*^^*)

cute 'old man' lol

Before The Dawn+Be Mine+The Chaser live performance
this one from Music Bank in Hongkong

Ah I'll end this post here. This is such a random post I know. The purpose I'm writing this post are to say Merry Christmas for my readers and blabbering (a little?) of my life at the moment hahaha. Soooo MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!! May God Bless You! And see you on the next post~ Bye! (-^〇^-)


  1. That looks so warm and comfy! Ohh adorable o.o I wannaaaa!!

    1. thanks for your comment :)
      yeah I wanna a living room like that too >.<
      too bad my country doesn't has winter season :(

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