Monday, December 10, 2012

Little Chirping + Selcas Spam

Hi people! It's currently 12.23 am here hehehe. Still not sleepy yet because I woke up very very late today (around 1.30 pm) and I feel like want to writing something about my life 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜). I apologize coz this post isn't related to beauty stuff <(_ _)>. I promise I'll update more of beauty stuff review soon! (。・ω・。)

Today I'm really happy truthfully (*^ワ^*) Why? Coz when I checked a lil while ago, my Revlon Lip Butter post got 10 views although I just posted it this evening lol. I don't know maybe my facebook friends who kindly checked my post when I shared the link on my facebook (゜▽゜;). Many people added me and I also added many people for one reason: facebook games. You know facebook games often (or maybe always?) require you to have friends who also play that game. More you have friends who actively play that game, more benefit you get in that game ( ^∇^). For example I play Vampire Wars and The Sims Social. In Vampire Wars, the more you have clan member, your character will become stronger in fighting other clans. And in The Sims Social, the more you have friends who also play this game, you can ask more items that the game requires you to have from your friends ⊙▽⊙. Okay okay back to the topic. Why it's become facebook games talk? lol. For you my silent readers out there, I'm very very grateful to you who kindly spent your time visit my blog and read my posts *bows down*. So much thank you from the bottom of my heart *sincerely* (>_<). What else could make new and cheap blogger like me happy by having my posts be read by people and my blog pageview is increased? *sob* *tears of happiness*  (╥_╥)

Just one thing still makes me uneasy. Although my pageview is increased everyday but but but I don't know if my readers are satisfied with my post or not. Are my posts helpful? interesting? boring? informative? Are the picture too dark? not clear? clear enough? etc etc. I want to know what do you think about my blog dear my readers ⊙ω⊙. If you have time, could you preeeety please maybe leave some short comment about my post? Sorry for asking you this favor (I'm so rude -_-) but I just wanna know your opinion so I can make my blog better and better again ( ´ ▽ ` ). Just a short comment will do hehehe (^v^)

Okay another thing I wanna talk about is my current weight. If you read my previous post about Tomboy + How I Lost My Weight, you must have known that I succeed on my diet *yeay*. Now I'm struggle between 49 or 48 kg. I still wanna loss some kgs maybe about 5 kgs more? For your information, I'm 153 cm which is a dwarf I think. Sooo short la! (╯3╰). Shoort and fat? Ugggh.....NO. I dislike my old self (but not my tomboy part). I have one usual habit. During my period I tend to eat more than usual. I don't understand but I feel like I wanna keep eat and eat. Oh really what's wrong with me? lol. Since I hardly go out during workday (currently doesn't have any activities outside and I just go out on Sunday visit church with my family) it's so hard la to loss weight! I'm still dissatisfied with my fatty arms, legs, my chubby cheeks and ass (TεT). Should I starve my self like the old days? Hmmm....maybe I should limit my calories intake 500 kcal per day? ( ̄ー ̄). Oh yeah I just remember that I made a college of myself when I was still in high school. This college shows you my transformation from grade tenth till grade twelfth (⌒▽⌒)☆

 from left to right

I have sooo many imperfectness (oh well nobody is perfect) (*≧▽≦). But with makeup I can dolly up myself and be a lil prettier *teehee* lol. I can make my eyes bigger with eyeshadow, eyeliner and falsies, make taller nose and slimmer face with shading and highlight, make my cheeks shyly flushed with blush and so on. That's why I love makeup (*´・v・). Since I've tried many different products, I know what products work best for me. By create this beauty blog, I wanna to share with you all my experience with those beauty products so hopefully you may know whether that product suit you or not (*^▽^*). Oh I still have tons of stuff that waiting to be reviewed, I'll review them ASAP! lol (*≧▽≦) *determined*

For closing, I wanna to spam you with my recent selcas lol *slapped. 'kay so here they are...

bigger eyes using false eyelashes 

I love those purple color on my nails ♥

using Anna Sui pencil liner in brown
smudge it over my eyelids 

 my eyes are so small (^~^)

 by the way this is my dad
he 98% looks like Jackie Chan LOL back hurt. I should get rest (but too many rest also can hurt your back). Yup this post ends here. I'll talk to you again on another post ( ´∀`). Stay tuned *wink*

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