Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Etude House Line Nuance Duo in No. 5

Hello ladies~ How do you do? Since we've entered December, it means rainy season time in my country hufff (´-ω-^). I don't hate the rain (since I always stuck at home) but I hate the thunder seriously ( ̄□ ̄;). They are annoying, loud and always surprise me in bad way tsk. Nah cause of the rain I hardly go out alone except with my family (since dad would drive the car). Haaah here I am being lovey dovey again with my laptop *forever alone*

Yup so today I bring you another review and this time from Etude House(⌒▽⌒). I remember how I knew Etude House second after I knew about Faceshop and I was like "Duh Korean brands are really expensive" lol. But since I've known about online shop, it opened my eyes into the whole new world (^▽^). I really wanna have a pencil eyeliner at that time and I decided to try this Line Nuance Duo in No. 5 (´ー`)

Create the perfect look for your eyes with Line Nuance Duo! Combination eyeliner and eyeshadow in one for flexibility and convenience!

Available in 5 color combinations:
1 Honey Beige & White
2 Baby Peach & Mocha
3 Coral & Cubic Pink
4 Brown & Gold Khaki
5 Glam Silver & Smoke



 the size is a bit long in my opinion ( ̄ー ̄)


Etude House Line Nuance Duo comes in plastic packaging in dark blue color. Although it's made from plastic but it doesn't look that cheap (^▽^). It's dual eyeshadow and eyeliner so it's efficient for you to bring them in your makeup pouch and also travel friendly (^_^). Have you ever got irritated when you must bring your eyeshadow (moreover if you only have them in palette size) along when you're traveling? This duo save you from this troublesome matter as you only need bring this tiny duo in your makeup pouch and you ready to go! Moreover you can create many looks as they available in five colors (see description above) (*⌒▽⌒*)

the sponge tip applicator

the pencil liner


The eyeshadow comes in sponge tip applicator and the eyeliner comes in pencil type which is a lil bit fragile (I broke it at first time usage -_-). I love how smooth the sponge tip and the eyeshadow color also is very pretty (‘∀’●)♡. It's pretty sheer and shimmery that makes your eyes pop lol. The eyeliner itself doesn't too pigmented but it's very creamy. I got mine in no. 5 Glam Silver & Smoke and the eyeliner supposedly comes in black color but in real life it's dark blue. I was really surprised when first I saw it Σ(゜ロ゜;). But it doesn't matter. Why? Cause the dark blue liner blends nicely with the silver eyeshadow gives you those elegant bold eyes(^з^)~. Love it!

 tutorial picture from Etude House
using Line Nuance Duo in no. 4 brown & Gold Khaki
see how it blends nicely on your eyelids? (○・ω・○)


closer look
the pencil liner looks black in photo
but it's dark blue in real life (*´・v・) 


Overall, I love this product (≧▽≦). When I was still a beginner, I used to hate this product as I didn't know how to use it and in the end I stirred the pencil liner too long and it was broken *sob*. But now I can use this dual easily *proud*. Since I'm a monolids, I usually draw the line all over my eyelids (sounds scary but believe me it'll turn fine for monolids like me *`ー´) and apply the eyeshadow on the corner of my eye till the center of my lower lash line. You know like those ulzzang makeup (*^▽^*). I would say this product is suitable for beginner who just learn makeup and for people who are in rush. Like when you have a meeting and don't have time to go home and apply those eye makeup (if you think it's troublesome to put on bold eyes on day time like I do lol), you can bring this in your makeup pouch and there you save haha (^v^)

  • Efficient
  • Travel friendly
  • The sponge tip applicator is very smooth
  • The colors (eyeshadow + eyeliner) are very pretty
  • Blends nicely on your eyelids
  • Available in five colors
  • Cheap

  • The pencil eyeliner is lil bit fragile

Where I got this:

I got this at Riebutik for only Rp 48.000 (around USD 5). Very cheap, right? I don't know any other shops that offer cheaper price for Korean brands lol (*≧ω≦)

Repurchase? Maybe yes. I want to get other colors though (“⌒∇⌒”). I think it'll save me a lot of time when I start my college next year lol

How about you ladies? Have you ever tried this product? What do you think?

Thanks for reading! See you soon~ Bye! (*^ワ^*)


  1. nice review.. i also have this one in no 2 or 3 i forgot but too bad it's not waterproof..

  2. thanks :3 yup too bad it's not waterproof :( oh btw do you also think the pencil liner is a lil bit fragile?

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